Bee Swarms


The information on this page is principally for non-beekeepers and specifically details swarms or other instances of bees in or around your property.


If you find a swarm of bees in your house, garden or outbuilding and if is safe to do so, try to confirm whether you have a swarm of bees or wasps.

Wasps and honey bees are roughly the same size, but wasps have alternating black or bright yellow stripes on their body whereas bees are brown with paler brown or dirty yellow bands on the body.

Note – To help identify, please use the following images


Once you have identified that you have a swarm of honey bees and they ARE causing a danger to you, children or livestock, then call your Local Authority Pest Control Officer or independent pest control company. They will probably make a charge for this service.

However, if the swarm is not causing any danger, you could offer the swarm to one of the WGBA beekeepers – Please use the ‘Contact Us‘ page to do so. While the beekeeper will do their best to be helpful, there are situations where successful removal cannot be guaranteed, for example if the swarm is lodged in a chimney or wall cavity.

On the other hand, the removal of a free hanging swarm from out in the open is usually a much easier task – one which you are more likely to find a local beekeeper who is prepared to come and remove for you.

Please bear in mind that beekeepers are not a free pest control service and in some instances you may still have to call in a pest control company to deal with a well-established colony.