February’s News

The Beekeepers meeting in January was a Beekeepers Question Time with a panel of experts answering questions from the members.

Mary Pattison, Chair, welcomed Julian Stanley, from Ayr Beekeepers, who joined Fiona Keith, from Western Galloway Beekeepers, on the panel. The questions from the members were many and varied and covered topics such as new beekeepers, varroa, overwintering, queens and swarming. Julian and Fiona demonstrated their knowledge of beekeeping by answering all questions put to them.

The panel members also gave a short talk on a subject of their choice. Julian’s topic was “Fortress Hive” and he made a great analogy with Edinburgh Castle to demonstrate how the colony keeps the queen safe. Fiona’s topic was “Propolis”, which is collected from trees and buds and is used by the bees as an antibacterial as well as to stop draughts in the hive. Propolis is also used in health foods.

Another great beekeepers question time! Mary thanked Julian and Fiona for sharing their knowledge.

The study groups are up and running with a total of 18 beekeepers covering “Introduction to Beekeeping” over 8 weekly sessions. In addition some of the more experienced beekeepers are studying for exams in March. Lots more knowledge to help us look after our bees this summer – all that is now required is some warm and dry weather!

A programme of apiary visits is planned for the summer and each meeting will have a topic, from pests and diseases to skep making. The summer meetings are open to members only, so if you are not a member and would like to be involved, please contact the Association via the website – Contact Us

The next meeting will be on Monday 26th February at Glenluce Bowling Club starting at 7pm. Dru Hatcher and George Pattison will remind the members how they should be preparing for the first inspection of their bees in the spring.