January’s News

Beekeepers gathered before Christmas for their Christmas social.


Before tucking in to some lovely treats (mostly made with honey) and some bee chat, Mary and George Pattison did a demonstration of how to make Waxed Fabric Food Wraps – a brilliant alternative to cling film for wrapping sandwiches etc.


The equipment was set up – squares of cotton/linen fabric, beeswax, a baking sheet, paintbrush, a heavy iron, baking parchment. George demonstrated how to use the warm iron to melt the wax in to the fabric, then the members each made their own waxed fabric food wrap – yet another byproduct of beekeeping!


Mary and George were thanked and the socialising continued.


2018 got off to a busy start with the Introduction to Beekeeping Study Group, a course of 8 weekly sessions designed with newcomers/novices in mind. The new beekeepers have started out very enthusiastically and will be well prepared for their first apiary visit in the spring.


The next meeting will be Beekeepers Question Time on Monday 29th January at Glenluce Bowling Club starting at 7pm. The panel of experienced beekeepers will answer questions from the audience, and the panel members will also give a 5 minute talk on a subject of their choice. This will be an interesting evening suitable for beekeepers of all experience – please come along if you are a beekeeper or if you are interested in beekeeping.