November’s News – Honey Show Results

Results of the annual Honey Show which took place on 27th November. The judge was Alan Riach, President of Scottish Beekeepers Association

Light Honey – 1 Jim McColm, 2  Linda Robertson

Medium Honey – 1  Fiona Keith, 2  Linda Robertson,  3  Jim McColm

Creamed/Soft Set Honey – 1  John Rennie, 2  Linda Robertson

Naturally Set Honey – 1  Dru Hatcher, 2  Jim McColm, 3  Kathy Scrivens

Chunk Honey – 1  John Rennie

Heather/Heather Blend Honey – 1 Linda Robertson, 2  John Rennie

Honey judged on aroma and taste – 1  John  Rennie, 2  George Pattison, 3  Michael McCabe

Frame of Honey – 1  John Rennie, 2  Jim McColm

Honey Gingerbread – 1 Mary Pattison, 2  Fiona Keith, 3  Kathy Scrivens

Photographic Print – 1  Susan Dempster, 2  John Rennie, 3  Fiona Keith

Home Made Item of Beekeeping Equipment: 1  Dru Hatcher, 2 Mark Mitchell, 3  Linda Robertson

4 Candles – 1  Dru Hatcher, 2  Mark Mitchell. 3  John Rennie

Gift Item – 1  Younus Nur, 2   George Smith, 3  Dru Hatcher

Trophies were presented by Alan

Points Cup for exhibitor with most points scored across all classes: John Rennie

Jim McColm Cup for best honey exhibit in show: Fiona Keith

Newton Stewart Cup for Novice with most points across all classes: George Pattison

Tankard for winner of photographic class: Susan Dempster

Glenrazie Shield for Best exhibit in show: Susan Dempster

Congratulations to all prize winners

Alan commented on the high standard of the exhibits and encouraged the members to enter the Royal Highland Show and Scottish Honey Show in 2018. Mary Pattison, Chair, thanked Alan for travelling to Western Galloway and for sharing his hints and tips on how to prepare the perfect exhibit

The next meeting will be the Christmas social, which will include a demonstration of how to make wax fabric food wraps, using beeswax, and will be on Monday 18th December at Glenluce Bowling Club starting at 7pm