October’s News

The winter programme of meetings started on Sunday 8th October when the Scottish Beekeepers Association touring lecture was given by Tony Harris, NBD, a bee farmer based on the Moray coast where he manages 150 hives for honey production and the sale of queens and nuclei.

Dru Hatcher, Chair, welcomed Tony, members and their friends along with members from Ayr Beekeepers and South of Scotland Beekeepers. It was great to see such a good turnout.

Tony’s topic was Queen Rearing and Selection. He has been selecting and rearing local queens on the Moray coast for several years and shared, in some detail, his experience in selecting queens to breed from, his queen rearing set up and the use of mini mating hives. Tony also emphasised the importance of healthy drones in the equation. There were lots of questions which demonstrated an interest in this topic which is important to all beekeepers.

Mary Pattison, Vice Chair, thanked Tony for sharing his experience and the beekeepers who had travelled a distance to support the lecture.

There was an opportunity for lots of “bee chat” over a cuppa and a beautiful spread laid on by the members.

The next meeting will be on Monday 30th October at Glenluce Bowling Club starting at 7pm. This will be the AGM, which will include a summary of the year past and plans for the year ahead, and all members and anyone interested in beekeeping will be welcomed. This will be followed by a talk by Martin Donaldson on how technology can be used to monitor beehives.