Autumn/ Winter Schedule 17/18

Autumn/Winter 2017/2018 – dates for your diary

Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September – Scottish Beekeepers Convention – Ayr Racecourse

Not to be missed!!  For more information see    

Sunday 17th September – deadline for applications for SBA module exams

Sunday 8th October at 7pm, Glenluce Bowling Club – SBA Lecture Tour Speaker

Speaker – Tony Harris, NDB, a bee farmer based on the Moray coast in Scotland, UK, where he manages 150 hives for honey production and the sale of queens and nuclei.  Tony is a Scottish Expert Beemaster and he holds the National Diploma in Beekeeping (NDB) qualification. He teaches beekeeping at all levels and gives presentations and lectures to community and beekeeping groups on all matters relating to bees, beekeeping and the environment. He is a previous secretary of the Scottish Beekeepers Association (SBA), a qualified Scottish Honey Judge, a British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) Correspondence Course tutor and a regular contributor to beekeeping publications in the UK and abroad.

Tony’s topic – Queen Rearing and Selection

Tony has been selecting and rearing local queens on the Moray coast for several years and he will share his experience in selecting queens to breed from, his queen rearing set up and the use of mini mating hives.   

Monday 30th October at 7pm, Glenluce Bowling Club


followed by WGBA member Martin Donaldson who will tell us about hive monitoring using technology

Monday 6th November – closing date for Honey Show entries – there’s something for everyone!

Saturday 11th November  SBA module exams

Monday 27th November at 7pm (entries to be in place between 6.00pm and 6.30 pm), Glenluce Bowling Club

WGBA Honey Show. Schedule available from any committee member.

Honey judge – Alan Riach, SBA President

Monday 18th December at 7pm, Glenluce Bowling Club

Speaker – Margaret Adams – All Things Pollen                              

and Christmas Social

Mid January – mid March (one evening session per week)

Study groups – SBA Basic Beekeeper and SBA modules

Dates to be arranged depending on demand            

Monday 29th January at 7pm, Glenluce Bowling Club

Hopefully Beekeepers Question time                     

Monday 26th February at 7pm, Glenluce Bowling Club

Speaker to be arranged                                                                       

Monday 26th March at 7pm, Glenluce Bowling Club


Speaker to be arranged