August News

It’s been another busy summer for the bees and the beekeepers

The good spring weather gave the bees a good start to the season and nectar and pollen were plentiful, but that did result in more phone calls from the public about swarms – these swarms were dealt with by the members where possible. The summer crop was mixed, again due to the weather, as the bees had good days to forage for nectar, but as many wet days when they are confined to the hive and eat the stores!

As well as looking after their bees, the beekeepers have had a busy programme of events

Monthly apiary visits were well attended. New and experienced beekeepers always learn something from these meetings which are an opportunity to chat about what’s been happening with the bees and what to plan for over the coming month

Some new beekeepers worked with their mentors over the summer – this is the best way to learn as the bees don’t read the books!

Royal Highland Show Honey tent saw 1st prize success in the Local Association class and a 2nd and 3rd for two of the members

An information display at Wigtown Show was a new venture this year and, despite the weather, the beekeepers were kept busy with lots of good enquiries, especially from the youngsters, many of whom have recently done projects about bees at school

The Wonder of Honeybees at Castle Kennedy Gardens saw a great display of information about bees and beekeeping, honey and other products of the hive, pollination, bee friendly plants and beekeeping equipment. The stars of the show however were the bees in the observation hive – it’s great to get a wee peek in to a hive to see the bees at work. The beekeeper guest scarecrow this year was “The Donald”

Plans for the autumn/ winter are under way with guest speakers, the Honey Show and study groups for both beginners and experienced beekeepers to be organised. We hope to see a few new faces at these meetings, from the enquiries made at Wigtown Show and Castle Kennedy. There will be a great opportunity to work with RHET who are organising “Food and Farming” days for local school pupils during September

If you would like to become a beekeepers, please come along to the autumn/ winter meetings and study group so that you can then be ready to work with a mentor next season. Find out more and contact us via our website