January WGBA News

Western Galloway Beekeepers’ Association

The December meeting was held before Christmas and started with a light hearted quiz about the day to day life of a bee. The members imagined they were a bee and what they would be kept busy with in different situation, at different times of the year, and if they were a worker, queen or drone. As beekeepers it’s always good to think like a bee when deciding what course of action should be taken in the apiary.

There followed a discussion, over some lovely food, about how the members would like to increase their beekeeping knowledge. The conclusion was that there was enough interest among the members and newcomers to run both a Basic BeeKeeping study group and a Honeybee Management (Module 1 of the SBA Intermediate syllabus) study group. The more experienced members volunteered to run the sessions.

The study groups started mid-January and will run until mid-March with 9 members in each group, including some new members to the Association. A different topic is covered at each session, so by the time the bees start to become active in the spring the members will be much better informed about how to look after them.

The speaker at the next meeting will be Julian Stanley from Ayr Beekeepers. Julian will talk about “Food, Trophollaxis & Communication” which is a fascinating subject. The meeting will be held on Monday 30th January at the usual place, Glenluce Bowling Club, starting at 7pm. All welcome.